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  • Tree serie page1Serie boats from Bornholm page 2Watercolour from Porto area pg 3the statue serie pg 4The female series pg 5

    In Rome serie pg 6Animals serie pg 7The toys serie pg 8The stilleben series pg 9The rauke series from Gotland pg 10

    The light series pg 11The portrait series pg 12The flower series pg 13The childrens series pg 14Paintings from Norway series pg 15

    The Norwegian series pg 16The Bornholm tile series pg 17The bridges serie pg18The small boats series pg 19The coming series pg 20

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    the twenty themes/series in this gallery.

    The gallery series:

    Boats from Bornholm, Bridges, Children, Domestic animals,From Norway, Flowers, In Rome, Picture-tile from Bornholm, Portraits, Portraits of former members of the Norwegian Parliament, "Rauker", Small boats, Statue paintings, Still life,The female line, The light, Tree from Gotland,
    Watercolour from Porto area and Toys.

    Watercolour/ sketches Link:

    > Watercolour from Porto and Algarve area <
    > Watercolour from
    Watercolor from Algarve area<