Watercolour from Portugal by Odd K. Hauge
Have always had watercolor casket with the trips to Portugal, which we visited the first time 1999. The commentary here is from: Porto, Vila do Conde, Tua, Aveiro and from three locations in the Algarve.
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Artist in the shadow; 2008-10-29_001000
Blossoming beauty
 The flowertree
The balcony
White House in Tavira
With railwaystation in Tavira
White stark Olhao
Stylish eye
Boats in Olhao
Boats in Aveiro; 20000726-0005-22
The white church
The old church; 20000726-0000-16
The Cathedral; 20000726-0003-40
Beautiful resting place; 20000726-0009-22
Nice old
The bower
Water lily; 20000726-0008-56
Hause in Porto
Residential house in Porto
The red building
The bridge 20000725
Between the trees; 20000726-0006-20
Statue overlooking
The park in the city; 20000726-0008-14
Fountain; 20000726-0008-36
 Aqueduct; 20000725-2358-06
Worn boat; 20000726-0004-10
The river; 20000726-0006-42
Bathed in sunshine; 20000726-0005-54
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