Painting tip: palettes.

Here can you see ten of  the palettes  I have used.Yet do I use some of them.
Three of these palettes come with the paint boxes, when I buy them. I think the
paper palettes is handy when travel.  I prefer palette no 2 and 3 from bottom and
the no 3 from top. These three palettes is all made by tree. The other materials
used   here is plastic and glass. The glass palette have never been used by me, when
travel. Regarding  the palette size, see the matchbox in the upper right corner.
I will not recommend use of the two smallest palettes here,  but  they
other will all work, so feel free to do your own choice. If you use the
glass palette at home, can you place paper, of different colors, bellow the glass.

Good luck.
Odd K. Hauge

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